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Lucky 12 - 虎

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唯妙唯肖的Lucky12,極簡線條描繪、幾何元素與立體雕塑型態,將故宮典藏劉松年的《瑤池獻壽圖》與珠寶結合,精雕細琢的Lucky 12輕踏著心型的蟠桃玉,齊聚在這充滿祥瑞之氣、帶著滿意祝福,各展靈氣所長。


18K金、玉石作品尺寸: 3.0cm x 1.6cm


As lifelike as if it could hop onto your shoulder at any moment, the Tiger necklace from the Lucky 12 Collection features simple lines, geometric shapes, and three-dimensional carving skills that instill a dynamic vitality into the stone. Inspired by the renowned painting titled "Peach Festival of the Queen Mother of the West" painted by Liu Songnian and housed within the collections of National Palace Museum, the twelve intricately carved animals of the Chinese zodiac step lightly upon jade in the shape of a peach for longevity, each bringing to the noble occasion unique blessings and spiritualities.


18K gold, Jade

Size: 3.0cm x 1.6cm

Pendant piece, chain not included